An interactive 3D tourism

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3D solutions makes it possible to walk around in Paris or San Francisco without having to fly there. City governments could benefit from having a 3D virtual tour on their website by either making more tourists interested in their city or getting a little financial support from virtual walkers.

Tourism is constantly looking for new prospects of how to make people more interested in foreign places. With our 3D Kiosk it is possible to introduce the places in a more eye-catching way or even give people the opportunity to travel instantly from one part of the world to another.

3D city

Local sites can be introduced with interactive 3D

3D Kiosk makes it possible to present monuments, statues or busts in an authentic way. You can also create historical objects that no longer exist as 3D models into the solution.

The solution runs on any interactive kiosks however the bigger screen the better. Tests reveal that people prefer large screens. The prices are getting more affordable and museums might want to consider 32″ screen kiosks or even 42″ screens. This visual, eye-catching and intuitive solution attracts visitors and enhances their experience in the museum.

A touch-screen infokiosk


An article in Kiosk Europe Summer issue about 3D Kiosk

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A 3D display is one of the most eyecatching ways to present objects and applications at interactive kiosks. 3D Technologies R&D’s solution was created in response to specific needs – to show content in high-quality three-dimensional form on touch screen computers, giving users an impressive visual experience. More than simply viewing pictures and videos, users can rotate the kiosk’s computer model themselves, and can browse, zoom and rotate 3D objects via the touch screen. Neither joystick, mouse nor keyboard are needed to control the objects. The 3D solution is designed to be independent of hardware. Customers can choose their favourite kiosk models, as long as the minimum requirements are met, such as a good graphics card. 3D content is most effective with touch screens larger than 22” and the best user experience is achieved with 32“ screens. The solution can be customised or integrated with other applications. 3D content for the solution can be generated with laser scanning or modelled using pictures and drawings. It is also possible to import the content from other 3D applications such as CAD. The solution is designed to provide the opportunity to present merchandise and museum collections more effectively and realistically. For example, 3D Technologies created 3D kiosk models of the works of Estonian sculptor Amandus Adamson for the Amandus Adamson museum, which would not otherwise have had space to exhibit all the sculptor’s works. All 80 sculptures were laserscanned, photographed and then computer-modeled into 3D. The 3D sculptures are shown on 32’’ touch-screens and museum visitors can browse between models, zoom, scroll, rotate and read additional information. Each sculpture has its own 3D, high-quality, full-screen digital model, which allows the visitors to view even minor details. Representations of major works are made as accurate as possible, as they are set in the image of their actual surroundings, so the audience can see the real environment in which the sculpture is located. The solution is customisable and the design, layout, and additional items can be modified in accordance with the wishes of the museum. Objects for displaying in 3D Museum can be digitised by laser scanning or modelled using pictures and drawings. This solution has helped to improve the visitor experience and has enabled visitors to explore the complete range of the artist’s work. 3D also enables visitors to get a better understanding of each artwork and explore the minor details.

See for yourself at the Interactive Museum at KIOSK EUROPE EXPO 2010 in Essen, Germany from 15.-17th of June.


A 3D solution for touch-screen kiosks

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3D KIOSK is designed for showrooms, museums, boutiques, galleries, shops and tourism sites for presenting objects in 3D in interactive kiosks.

3D is much more attractive than photographs or drawings and interactivity is better than video or animation.

The solution runs on full-screen and supports multitouch monitors.

A historic airplane can be presented with 3D Kiosk


  • Display large objects or structures such as buildings, airplanes, ships, statues etc.
  • Display complete catalog of products not available in stores and showrooms
  • Show museum collection articles which are not available any more
  • Expand the exhibit when space is limiting for the complete picture for the visitor
  • Show attractions and locations for better understanding and improved experience for the visitors
  • Make interactive exhibitions without the need for the transportation of heavy or expensive items or artwork

3D Kiosk is designed to be independent from hardware. Customers can choose their favorite kiosk models as far as the minimum requirements are met. The solution is dependent of a proper graphics card and the 3D content is best observable with the touch-screens larger than 22”.

3D content for the solution can be generated with laser scanning or modeled by using pictures and drawings. Content can also be imported from other 3D solutions (inc. CAD).

3D Kiosk with custom user interface